Diabetes Questions

Fasting Blood Sugar of less than 42 mmol/mol without diabetes

medication according to

Freedom from Insulin & synthetic medicines

Freedom from symptoms such as tiredness & excessive thirst/urination
  • The prevention of diabetes requires physical efforts every day, consuming and maintaining a well-balanced and healthy diet that has low-fat content and contains very few calories is a must.
  • Losing weight is also a necessity in certain cases if required

  • The most important part of managing diabetes is your diet, you should follow a healthy, balanced and well-nourished diet
  • If you have diabetes, you should exercise regularly and stay as active as possible
  • You can self-monitor your blood glucose and medication
  • Spend 45 minutes walking at least 5-6 days a week
  • Take medications as prescribed, don’t skip any dose
  • Routine follow up and investigations are mandatory
  • Once you develop Diabetes you have to take utmost care of your lifestyle as the simplest of errors in managing Diabetes can result to serious complications

Client Query

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Thyroid cancer can return is some cases, and your surgeon and endocrinologist will monitor for any signs of recurrent disease through blood tests and ultrasound examination.
Generally speaking, thyroid surgery is the primary mode of treatment for a majority of thyroid cancers. Other therapies may be offered following surgery, such as radioactive iodine. These modes of treatment are usually well tolerated, and patients have a favorable prognosis. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment are reserved for cases where distant spread (beyond the thyroid and neck nodes) or when thyroid tumors are not able to be removed safely in surgery.

Technical Questions

Employers are looking for innovative thinkers who want to improve processes within their field. Creative thinkers can see connections between different roles and specialties to provide an innovative approach to treating illness. With the introduction of new technologies, the health care industry is changing quickly and requires professionals who can adapt. 

Highlight some work experience that helped you or your organization stay up-to-date with trends. Then, give your opinion on what you expect to happen in the health care industry.
With this kind of question, the employer tries to determine if you can provide appropriate care to different types of patients. Emphasize your understanding of elderly patients’ requirements and their desire to remain independent.